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Alarm and suspension

brimley mill Nov 24, 2013

  1. brimley mill

    brimley mill New Member

    Hi all, new here ....... so be gentle

    Recently bought a 45k FAH C5 allroad 2.7t with Solar roof among other things, I would appreciate your guidance on the following;

    Alarm, this is very odd..... it arms as should during the day, both with the motion sensor switched on and off.

    When dark (and I know this sounds completely off the wall) the alarm continually goes off.... and does exactly the same every time I re-arm it, this happens no matter whether the motion sensor is on or off !!!

    I also closed the centre vents on the dash thinking there might be air movement through the ventilation system....... but this yielded no difference at all...

    Any ideas ????

    Front Suspension, all suspension functions are as they should be..... the car does need the camber and caster looking at, there is a slight knock on the front, what are the most common arms that go on these allroads ?

    Is the anything obscure I need to be aware of or take into consideration ?

    One question I have do other A6, A4, and or Passat upper and lower arms fit the C5 allroad ?

    (I shall be replacing the required myself and asking the local tyre centre to set up the geometry)

    Many thanks for your time, Look forward to hearing from you,


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