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Airlift Digital Air Ride

b19ctr Apr 11, 2013

  1. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    Sold my Audi A3 so now selling my air ride wich is a straight on a MK5 GTI as my audi had 55mm front struts.

    Kit consists of the following

    Front Airlift struts

    Rear Airlift bags

    5 Gallon Skinny tank (polished)

    Twin Airlift 4800 Compressors

    Autopilot V1 Management with two cases a standard silver one and one i sprayed black.

    Its all the kit you need to get your Audi/MK5,6,7

    All you'll need is the air hoses which can be supplied by Plush or any of the other Air Ride fitters :)

    Kit was on my car for just under 12 months

    Looking for £1650 ono Brand new your looking at around 3k

    pm me or text 07775870989

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