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Aircon not working A4 B8

redspudder Mar 29, 2012

  1. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    With the recent hot weather i decided to switch my aircon on,on Monday the light illuminated when i pressed the switch but the air didnt get any colder stayed the same as when the button was off and the temp turned to cold(LO).I have not used the car a great deal since October due to me rupturing my patella tendon and not being able to drive.When i have used the car over winter ive not had the air con on (hot or cold).Car is booked in at the dealers on Wednesday they tell me it may need re-gassing cost of £60 for this inc a air con service.Anyone had any experience if this or anything i can try or do before going to dealers or an yother issues that it could be?Car is still under warranty until September.
  2. gash

    gash Member

    There could be a number of reasons for ur air con failing, u said the air can hadn't been on for a while, this can cause a problem as the oil needs to be circulated around the system and may have starved the compressor. The most Likly reason is that u have lost the charge in the system, there is no point in just getting it re-charged as u will lose it again. The source of the leak has to be found, repaired then re-charged and shoud be covered under warranty.
    Hope this helps
  3. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    sounds like my air con when its working......hardly cool but 'within tolerances' im told.
  4. Lancelot

    Lancelot New Member

    Hi Guy
    Recently i have a problem of air con of a4 b8 I hope someone can shed some light on the problem i am having, i don't know what to do next. The story so far.........I just purchased a 2004 A4 TDI Avant, the air con wasn't working when i brought it but i was assured it just needed a rages , this seemed plausible as the car had not been used for over a year. On the drive home i noticed the the Econ light would not turn off and assumed this was because the gas was low.

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