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  1. S4SIMON

    S4SIMON New Member

    hello all - just stuck a new Pipercross filter in my S4 - and I might be imagining it but it does seem to have sharpened up a bit..but that's not why I'm posting.

    I CANNOT reengage the back left corner clip to the airbox lid. All the other three are absolutely fine. I just can't get my hand down far enough behind it to pull the thing into place. Any tips? Do I just need to find someone with smaller hands? Mine are like shovels.

    It's all secure enough to stop anything getting into the box so I feel totally fine driving it.

    Just as an end note, the car's only very lightly modded, with Angel generic remap (not great IMHO), Red Stuff pads (make wheels really mucky when I hammer it) Samco TBB & F hose, Viper DVs and Pipercross panel filter - and at 107k it's running as well as it ever has, and the intermittent tiny boost spikes seem to have disappeared, too - these were my only gripe. Pulls like a train on a deserted road to very high speeds with plenty more on tap. Had it up to 140 in France and it sat steady as a brick on the admittedly carpet-smooth tarmac. Am talking to my specialist about an eventual K04 upgrade, and they say the engine can run K04s without substantial additional upgrades - but I was half thinking I'd need to look at intercoolers, a few OEM RS4 odds & sods and maybe fuelling...not to mention brakes.. any comments on extent of works and likely costs? Don't want to do a 1/2 ***** job of it. Must be reliable!

    Next mods to be springs (35mm drop with OE dampers - probably MTM?) and Rieger rear window screen, to cover rubber seal which is flaking to pieces and looks AWFUL - two windscreen guys have said only route is screen out and replace, so I've decided on this one non OE cosmetic job - as I think the car can take a small item like this without looking too obviously modded - it's the Q-car style I like so much about it.

    (Also still looking for someone selling his unused Avus 17" spare wheel after an upgrade...the Holy grail for OE look S4 owners I think!)

    Still love the car, still think it looks awesome (great, slightly boxy, subtle 90s styling), build quality great, performance shames many other cars - anyone considering buying one I would recommend them MOST highly, just read the buying guides and previous threads carefully - sure there are loads of bad crash-repairs rattling around out there..

    Have a good w/e everyone
  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    I usually pull that badly-placed spring clip into place, with an angled hook.

    A modified coat hanger works fine.
  3. S4SIMON

    S4SIMON New Member

    fantastic. can't believe they made it so inaccessible, the berks
  4. GSB1

    GSB1 Member

    Do the rear catch up first or remove the airbox to replace the filter are the common suggestions.
  5. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    ^^^ Sounds like the tdi one too. Always the first to be done up. A good jiggle should do it, ( if your back doesn't protest!!!) the air filter on mine never seems to site right until it's been man handled...
  6. stub

    stub the matrix is comin

    it does take bout 100-200miles to run the filter in. drillin the air box helps to plus you can get a nice sound from it too. the back clip is always done first
  7. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    You probably would have noticed an improvement with a clean stock filter as well. A lot of people neglect to consider that when changing to a new type of filter.

    Agree that the airbox clips are a real PITA. I lost mine into the bowels of the engine bay, never to be seen again.

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