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lakhan Feb 17, 2004

  1. lakhan

    lakhan New Member


    I just want2 know; what could i do with the 2wire airbag connector which av got on my a3 1998 seats and the s3 recaro seats has 3 wire's connector, i dont know whats that 3rd wire for?? does any1 know???

    i need to connect the wire 2gethere because my airbag light is on, av managed to get power wire for the electric connector but this airbag connector is my problem???

    any1 there that could help me out on this am sure som1 must have done this mod before???


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  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Are your seats all working fine now? Where did you take the power for them from and are they heated too? Even if you get them wired in correctly the airbag light will stay on until it is cleared by Audi (can you clear it with the VAG-com tool too?) because it has registered a fault. Sorry I cant help with the wiring question though.
  3. lakhan

    lakhan New Member

    Hi Khufu...

    Yea the seat's are working fine now, they are heated seats but i dont have the heated section connected. I really dont know where that electricain has taken the power wire from, but mine had 2 wire's for the airbag and 1 wire for the electric section it needed a power wire.

    I know few people who can resit the airbag light on the dash, but that wont go off until the airbag connector is connected, my problem is the 2-wire's--- where the s3 connector has 3-wire's i dont even know what's the 3rd wire for????

    The electrics on my seat's work properly- its like on all the time, u dont have to switch the ignition on..

    If u could help me with this wireing bit that would be great, am just stuck on this section.

  4. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    my seats are on all the time to my knowledge, unless they are wired into the half hour power supply when key is removed.

    e.g. you can use the stereo for 30min after the key has been taken out of the ignition.

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