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airbag light on - Frome - anyone near with a scanner

mcclu_d Mar 4, 2014

  1. mcclu_d

    mcclu_d New Member

    Hi all,

    new to site, was hoping there may be a kind gent or lady with a scanner near Frome in Somerset, who would be willing to check the fault code for me

    kind regards

  2. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    We have a cute little section all on its own just looking for queries like this.

    Click the linky and go have a mooch, the lonely little section will be glad of the company, give it a cuddle and treat it nice though, no sudden movement or loud noises as it scares easily.

    VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) forum
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