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Airbag Light on and then off

DaveA3-TDI Jan 13, 2011

  1. DaveA3-TDI

    DaveA3-TDI Member

    My Airbag light keeps coming on for a bit and then goes off for a bit and then can stay off for days or come straight back on. I have scanned the car and have this error:

    01738 - Crash Sensor for Front Airbag; Drivers Side (G283)
    011 - Open Circuit - Intermittent

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Does anyone know where the drivers side crash sensor is located or if they are expensive ?

    thanks in advance.
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Crash sensor about £75 ish. Can't help with positioning I'm afraid.
  3. Geraldy212

    Geraldy212 Sportback owner

    According to my Haynes manual, there are two front crash sensors. If your error code refers to these they are positioned on either side of the radiator, on the front panel, at the inside of each headlight. I would suggest that the error may come from a connection problem, so it would be worth at least finding the sensor on the driver's side and unplugging/re-plugging it to see if that fixes the problem. To do this, release the securing clip and disconnect the wiring connector. The sensor itself is attached with mounting nuts. As with all airbag issues/changes, be careful when first switching on the ignition. In other words, keep out of the way when switching on. Good luck mate.
  4. DaveA3-TDI

    DaveA3-TDI Member

    Thanks for your reply's. I will check it out tomorrow in the day light and report back what I find.


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