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Air Vent Sat nav mount

smk82 Oct 15, 2013

  1. smk82

    smk82 Active Member

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how to do this for the new A3? Due to the redesign of the airvents, my old sat nav mount for my TomTom XL won't fit anymore. I can use the std windscreen fixing, however I don't like them due to leaving a ring on the windscreen and the MMI screen will block it. Has anyone found a new mount which will fit the new A3's airvent?
  2. Doug Piranha

    Doug Piranha New Member

    Brodit Proclip system - http://www.brodit.se/product.html?id=654804&pn=prod&brand=Audi&model=A3&year=2014

    Fits between the vents, is pretty sturdy and still allows access to both vents. This part is just a mounting bracket, you then need to fit a clip or holder for your device -

    Lista�TomTom�One XL�|�Brodit

    I have one for the iPhone 5 but they do holders for various phones, PDA's sat navs etc. Will probably cost about £30 for both parts, but it's good stuff. They also do powered holders for some devices although they're a bit dearer.
  3. mjcourtney

    mjcourtney Well-Known Member Team Mythos Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group TDi

    +1 for the Brodit clips, I had them on the previous A3 and they were good. The above link didn't seem to work though, but I think I found the one Doug mentioned:

    ProClip 654804 | Brodit

    If you scroll to the bottom of that page you'll see how it fits.
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  4. Schizophonic

    Schizophonic Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I had one in my civic but that looks like a really clean holder. Any links in the UK where to buy?
  5. yetirider

    yetirider Active Member

    Do you leave these fitted all the time????
    I only use sat nav a few times a year which is why i didn't get the SD card version.
  6. Doug Piranha

    Doug Piranha New Member

    Thanks for sorting the link MJ, that's the one I was trying to show.

    As for finding them in the UK, just go to eBay and search Brodit and the part number eg. Brodit 654804 or even Google search the same term.

    They are fitted all the time - they generally have a small double sticky sided foam pad which holds them tight after clipping them in. It would be easy enough to remove and refit if you got more sticky foam pads though?
  7. smk82

    smk82 Active Member

    I'm not sure I'm keen on having something firmly attached to the dash. That was the point of the air vent mount for me, once removed there was no evidence of their being a Sat-Nav etc in the car (there wouldn't be anyway as I take it with me, but they wouldn't know that). Looks like I'll have to keep looking.
  8. leof

    leof New Member

    I had the same idea as you and after looking at the doughnut things that are supposed to sit on the dash (I don't think I would trust them not to fall off) and the Brodit that has been mentioned I made my own. I bought the Brodit mount that screws to the one that fits between the air vents and mounted this on a cooking spatula (painted mat black) and then secured the spatula into the ashtray cup, when you leave the car the satnav and the mount can be taken out and put under the seat out of sight.

    I know this sounds like a real bodge to be putting in your new car that cost tens of thousands but it does work.

    20131018_130513.jpg 20131018_130204.jpg

    I have got to do something about the gaffer tape around the spatula, I'm looking for something a bit more suitable. The spatula is glued into high density foam which is shaped to the ashtray and is just held by friction so the whole thing can be taken apart and the top put back on the ashtray without any damage.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2013
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  9. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang A7 Owner Group Black Edition Audi S7

    I've used Brodits on my previous 3 Audis (now on an A6) and can't recommend them highly enough. Very simple to fit, no drilling etc, and equally simple to remove if needed. Also, once you have fitted the base mounting, you can change the head to fit whatever device you want, and that includes a duel mounting for a satnav as well as a phone. Brodits have a good website, just google them, and purchase from a wide variety of vendors, including fleabay.

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