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Air suspension, nobody@home

samiam Dec 18, 2008

  1. samiam

    samiam New Member

    I have had my 2000 allroad off the road for many months due to a bizarre set of unfortunate incidents. I had a friend put in an Inmotion Chip (mines a diesel 2.5) that failed (no fault of Inmotion) and needed the ECU to go to Austria to be repaired. Anyway..
    Now it's going again but the air suspension is not working at all. It was working fine with the previous Inmotion chip. The centre console is on the lowest light (sometimes its blinking usually it's on steady), the drivers warning light is on constantly. The 'jack mode' activates/deactivates correctly. Manual mode likewise. However pushing any up or down button achieves nothing.
    The car seems to drive well anyway.
    I live 2.5 hours away from any dealer, however my partner was there yesterday and asked that the codes be read. No codes.
    The diagnostic did say "control unit defective" but the tech had no advice to offer her as to how to proceed from there!
    So how do I proceed from there?
    Where is the control unit and can I reset it and/or test it.
    Where is the air pump and is there a way to test it in isolation from the control unit.
    Any advice gladly devoured.
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    If you pm with your email address I'll send you a schematic of the system. If you get elsawin of ebay it contains all the info you need
  3. madhouse5

    madhouse5 New Member

    hello there, just been scouring posts for info and your redicament sounds closest to my issues with my allroad.
    How did you get on?
    I'm seriously thinking of breaking mine for the parts. Mines a 7 seater, A6 2.5TDI QUATTRO ALLROAD.
    I tootle around thru village but darent drive any faster than 40mph due to bumpy roads.
    Miss putting my foot down!
  4. Ay3

    Ay3 New Member

    Air suspension pump is underneath the car behind the spare wheel well, underneath a cover that is held on with 3 (probably very rusty! Nuts).

    I'd first check to see if it has 12v power to it.

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