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Air Filter???

MarkTweedley Nov 15, 2010

  1. MarkTweedley

    MarkTweedley Member

    Hi all, just wondering if using an open cone filter on the 2.0 140 Diesel is a good or bad thing? The last experience I had of a cone filter was on my Astra Coupe Z20LET and it reduced performance but sounded good. I did use an open cone on my mk4 Golf 1.8T a few years ago but that also had REVO stage 2 with 3" turbo back exhaust system and FMIC.

    This is my first diesel so just looking for some advice please???

  2. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    well mate IMO your better sticking to OEM one as its a diesel, its never going to sound good, and its not a performance car

    although if you must, the green panel filter always gets good reports for the 2.0TDI
  3. Blueie

    Blueie He who dears' wins!!

    I fitted a K&N on my Golf Anniversary TDI and it did make a difference performance and sound wise it sounded quite good for a diesel. BUT for the Audi not many people rate them on here, im in two minds getting one myself but if you beat me to it please let me know your thoughts about it
  4. MarkTweedley

    MarkTweedley Member

    Cheers peeps. Will post any findings on here.

    I have been offered a BMC carbon setup but wasn't sure if it was a good idea either???

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