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Air Filter Box

paul-psa Mar 5, 2014

  1. paul-psa

    paul-psa Member

    Hello, got home from work tonight and thought my 2.0 tdi sline a4 sounded abit throaty! got out the car to rev a little more and then thought the exhaust was blowing a little? lifted the bonnet and got the wife to sit in the car and rev it again and it was the air filter box vibrating horribly soon as I put my hand on it, the noise stopped and i realised this was the culprit.

    I cant see anything loose, the box seems reasonably tight and screwed down ok, but with a very annoying vibration?

    I have not had any service work done recently, and i can't recall this sound in the past?

    Does anyone else have same issue or is this just me, and they all do this ? maybe I've just not noticed in the past?

    Anyone have a suggestion how to stop it?

  2. matt.russell

    matt.russell Active Member

    Im not 100% but i will look tomorrow but usually the air filter sits in rubber holes maybe its popped out ? like i said not 100% as ive not had a good look at mine yet :D

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