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Air Con Problems A3 1.8 T Sport

jester104 Aug 6, 2006

  1. jester104

    jester104 New Member

    Hey guys just hoping for a bit of help. Not long bought my first Audi which i am so happy with. Just a small wrry i have is the Air conditioning though. When car is idle the air con makes a very loud vibration noise from engine bay, when i turn fans off of press air con button to change to just the fan the noise stops. it does not make a noise every time car is stopped but worried this might be a big preoblem?? any ideas?? Thanks:jester:
  2. cjhill

    cjhill hmmmmm interesting.

    could be anything but the best way to start is to try turning the aircon on, then hitting the air recirculate button. If the noise stops then you know the problem is with the outside filter. If the noise continues i would recommend taking it to a good independant air con place. Theres not much more you can do yourself.

    The worst thing it could be is the compressor - Mega bucks, but could be a number of things.

    Good luck

    maybe someone else will have a better idea?
  3. chrisb

    chrisb Member

    If you switch the compressor on and off, does it come and go? (snowflake symbol)

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