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Air Con Problem: Slothlike coldness

hyperaudi Nov 26, 2006

  1. hyperaudi

    hyperaudi New Member


    I have a 2001, A4 2.0 Multitronic B6 (Petrol Engine). Mileage is about 130,000 km now. Since hitting the 5 year mark, I have been 'enjoying' a series of problems. Mechanical and electrical.

    The latest is this:

    The aircon takes about 5 mins to get cold. The process of getting cold is gradual. The airflow remains strong and powerful, so I doubt that it is a compressor breakdown. Previously, when I switched on the aircon, it will blow cold air immediately.

    I brought it in a local Audi workshop and they topped up the aircon gas. It got a bit better but the problem of taking a while to get cold remains.

    I called up the Audi workshop and they said that I might have to bring in again and they will take a few days to work out the problem. The easiest way they mentioned, is to just change the aircon control unit and the compressor, which are both very expensive. Failing which, they will change all aircon related components.

    Anyone had a similar experience before?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Take it to an aircon specialist. Audi know FA about aircon. They'll just keep replacing parts until the problem goes away and charge £80+ per hour and double for parts they don't even make.

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