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Air con issues

zornyan Aug 28, 2013

  1. zornyan

    zornyan New Member

    Righto chaps the aircon in the other halfs a3 aum 1.8t isnt working at all. Its the climate control version 52 plate.

    Im at my wits end right now so hoping someone can shed some light on the issues.

    Fuses all ok including ontop of battery
    2v at the pump when switched on
    Wiring looks fine
    Regassed and no leaks
    12v directly onto pump does not engage clutch.
    Fan engages/disengages when aircon on or off

    So am i right in thinking this means that the clutch coil has obviously failed. And that the other symptoms are the pressure switch near the turbo?

    If so will taking the clutch pulley off of another pump (to save the gas inside and replacing the switch all should work again?

    Finally how hard is it to change the pulley in situ. Doesnt look like much room down there
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2013
  2. zornyan

    zornyan New Member


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