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Air Con Guru Required

A3-Lee Jul 29, 2014

  1. A3-Lee

    A3-Lee Active Member VCDS Map User

    Hi currently working on a audi a3 8p 2004 with climatronic the ac does not work and i have this fault code from vcds.

    00797 - sunlight photo sensor (G107)
    009-Open Circuit or short to ground

    i have replaced the sensor with a new part from tps and the fault still will not clear also how can i tell if the ac pump is running as it is supposed to run all the time so cannot check for clutch kicking in I have also noticed the cooling fan isn't running either with climate on

    All input welcome

    Thanks Lee
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2014
  2. Gaz-M

    Gaz-M Member

    Is the Econ working as it should, not stuck on? Im not a guru but im willing to attempt to help. :p
  3. j4yvw

    j4yvw Member

    Hi I had a recent aircon issue. Had econ light intermittantly on so had it regassed but still the same, I looked into the forum and found common issue is the g65 pressure sensor fails the problem with mine was that the senseor was leaking internally. I have changed the sensor and had the car regassed and all is good now.
    Make sure you have checked and cleaned the relevant aircon fuses and contacts first before moving to changing parts.
  4. A3-Lee

    A3-Lee Active Member VCDS Map User

    Right I've checked all fuses - all good

    System is re gassed and has a new pressure sensor econ works as it should and vcds sees the ac off signal when econ pressed cheers lee

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