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Air con experts?? Help please...head scratcher!

Phil_H Jul 23, 2011

  1. Phil_H

    Phil_H Member

    Right...I've had about enough now :)

    I bought a A3 TDi Quattro a while ago 2002(8L) and the Aircon has neve rworked. I had it re-gassed as it was low and thought this may be the issue, but no still didn't work.

    On the plug to the compressor I have a good earth, and only 2 Voltsr? Magnetic clutch fuse is fine as are any other fuses in the system.

    I've shorted out the pressure switches and it makes no difference. VCDS comes up with a fault "Short or open circuit on No1 Fan controller" this may or may not be part of the problem, I replaced a burnt out fan motor, big fan now works but the fault won't clear, changed the fan controller relay (under the battery) but still can't clear the fault.

    Anything else I can try?

    Also the fans come on after i turn the ignition off...for exactly 10mins, is this built into the system?..its regardless of temp, i can get in first thing in the morning, turn the ignition on, then off again and they run for 10mins!

    Any help or ideas welcomed!

  2. Rick.S3

    Rick.S3 Member


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