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Air-con compressor has failed.... any ideas of cost for new??

Petem95 May 12, 2008

  1. Petem95

    Petem95 Member

    Just to add to the never-ending list of faults, my 2004 A3 now has a failed air-con compressor :(

    I thought it was just in need of a re-gas as the car has done 80k+ so probably had a lot of use. Basically wasnt blowing cold.

    Got a mobile air-con guy out who was really helpful, and he found there was already 410grams of gas in the system (550grams is full), so he took out the gas and did a compression test to see if he could clear any blockages, but was then unable to put any gas back in - so appears a fault with the compressor most likely (as oppose to a fault with the control unit in the car), and obviously no leaks as there was gas in.

    Anyone got any ideas on the price of a new compressor fitted?... guessing it could be quite expensive?
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Unable to put any back in? I take it he was trying to recharge by plugging into the low pressure side and letting the compressor suck in the refrigerant. If that didn't work then yes perhaps the compressor is kaput. I'd test it myself if I were you though. Get someone to sit inside the car and press the ECON button on and off, you should be able to see the compressor clutch going in and out. If not then you need to check if there is any voltage at the clutch connections, that'll tell you if it's the compressor or a circuit further back.

    If there was 410 grams in the system then it is leaking but so slowly it's not worth worrying about. Especially after 80k miles! lol

    A new compressor on an A3 costs about 800 quid fitted apparently, read it on a thread somewhere earlier.

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