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Air Con Compressor Clutch Fell Off

mystic.bertie Aug 27, 2009

  1. mystic.bertie

    mystic.bertie Member

    hi guys, the clutch has somehow fallen off my air con compressor, i had a terrible scraping noise when the engine was running and as it was dark i had to continue as i could not see anything. Next day i had a look and found the clutch had fallen off the air con compressor, im not sure if this is common but its not a cheap fix.

    i cannot find the exact compressor on ebay but i am watching a couple at £100 which are much the same denso compressors, i was thinking of buying one of these compressors and just replacing the clutch and that would save me removing the compressor and refrigerant side.

    here is the details off the front of the clutch which i think gives the compressor part number too

    8D0 260 805 J
    447170-6350 7SBU16C 447300-6042
    DENSO HFC134

    i found a couple on ebay using '7SBU16C', there is a saab one for £50, im not sure if i can use that for the clutch ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SAAB-9-5-2-3-...s_SM?hash=item19b5ab0e3c&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

    can anyone advise me what to do, cheers

    here is the pics of the clutch that fell off, the rest of the clutch and pulley look ok, the cluch here is damaged due to the pulley rubbing against it for a while






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