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Air con and cooling fan????

CHARGED UP Jun 2, 2009


    CHARGED UP New Member

    Hi everybody, was just wondering if anyone knows anything about fan/air conditioning because what it is last week Ive noticed my fan is staying on when the car is switched off but obviously it will if it has reached it hottest point but my car seems to be doing it from cold first thing say i get in it when its been off all day then start it and switch it straight off the fan is going for about 10-15 minutes also Ive noticed my air con has stopped working its know where near as cold as it was

    Thank You

    Ps do you think its anything to do with this hot weather lately with the fan issue?????
  2. Lenny Benford

    Lenny Benford snowed under

    Temp sender or themostat ?
  3. Kingston

    Kingston Member

    Check a little sender unit located on your radiator. Looking at your car it will be bottom right. Mine played up was just a faulty fuse believe it or not located in tray on top of the battery. My fans and air con stopped working, my temperature gauge came on and off, and my accelerator was sticking so i was revving when changing gear without touching accelerator. Changed the accelerator switch £12 from Awesome Gti and then changed the fuse as i said above which was pence and took 2 mins. All working fine now.

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