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air con a6

daver Aug 7, 2004

  1. daver

    daver New Member

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me or is anyone having the same problem.

    Problem I am getting what seems to be condensation coming throught the rear passenger outlet under the passenger seat, it seems like water but I am not sure what it is as the carpet seems to be damp or wet all the time now.

    Any help or ideas will be appreciated, BTW it is not happening at the drivers side only the passengers side

  2. DaveP

    DaveP Member

    I had a problem with my A6 a little like that - turned out to be a blocked drain hole under the battery. When you go around a corner the water sloshes to the passenger side where it finds the nice big hole that is covered with the pollen filter and pours into the cabin.

    Quick test to see if it is this is to open the bonnet, pull the rubber seal off that holds the car-wide blanking plate at the base of the windscreen, take off the blanking plate and you will see an almost A4 (as in paper) sized pollen filter. See if it is wet. Then look at the battery and see if there is any water there (there was about 3inches of water in mine at the time. You then have to take the battery out (which is a real fiddle) and there is a drain hole under your battery. Stick you finger in and the **** that is there will move and so will the water (depositing under the car). When I phoned audi they were quick to point me in the direction of this drain hole - so I guess it is a common problem.
  3. VPMD7A

    VPMD7A New Member

    Ahh been getting that on the rear drivers side of our A4. I just assumed she'd left the window open. I wonder if its the same design????

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