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air bag light

stonecold1163 Nov 27, 2007

  1. stonecold1163

    stonecold1163 New Member

    I have a a3 2.0tdi 04 plate.The air bag light came on the weekend and it says in the hand book see a audi specialist.Now if i take it to audi they gonna rip me off big style.It will be all day just to find what it is when you know it took them about an hour.Any one out there any ideas?
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Say you will WAIT with it when you take it. This has always worked for me as they look at it immediately and keep looking at your watch so they know you are keeping track of time!

    It should be a quick vag com scan if the light is on as a fault code will be stored with what fault it is.
  3. donvas

    donvas New Member

    Hi there
    To check a airbag system you need to get it looked by Audi diognosis machine or similer.The fault is usally a poor connection to one of the side airbags,which requires a modification in which they remove a contact plug and hardwire it to the seat loom.To get to the plug you need to remove back seat cover,but note airbags systems should not be handeld a none specelised personel so best get it done at a dealer.Being a 04 A3 you might get some goodwill i hope this if is helpful.

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