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Actiondan Oct 27, 2006

  1. Actiondan

    Actiondan New Member

    Hi Can any one help

    I dropped it of at Audi in Chesterfield for an Aircon fault, it took them 3 weeks to fix, while it was with AUDI the warranty ran out on the vehicle I went to collect the car and the central locking would not work. They told me water had got into the ECU causing the central locking not to work correctly.
    They contacted me 3 days later to tell me it was all sorted except the AIR BAG light was staying on for 10 minuets then going off but because the car had been chipped they would not cover this as it needed a new Dash and ECU as some information had got corrupt between the dash computer and the ECU, This work would cost £1200 + Labour.

    So basically I dropped my car off with one fault and it came back with another two

    Does any one know if having a chip on a car would cause the AIRBAG Light to be affected or is AUDI trying to have me over? They new the car was chipped how can they opt in and out of warranty doing one job but refusing another at will

    Has anyone any ideas


  2. A3steve

    A3steve Member

    I'm pretty sure the Airbag has its own Control Module which will have a unique diagnostic address.

    I'd get your fault codes read elsewhere and get an independant evaluation.

    I look at it this way, If everything was ok except the Air Con issue before Audi had it - They should fix it!

    Probably them who spilled/left exposed your car to the water damage, if that part is true!

    I hate hearing about things like this:gun2:

    Good luck

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