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Air Bag ECU.... £420.. HELP!!!!

Adibutti Apr 7, 2008

  1. Adibutti

    Adibutti Derv Boy

    Hi all, been to the garage with my TT, the air bag light is constantly on in the cockpit..

    the following fault come up when i took it to the audi garage.

    Air Bag ECU. Part number: 8N8909601

    they want to charge me £419.20 so solve the problem?

    anyone else had this b4? or know what the part number actually is?

    please help!!
  2. ButchsTT

    ButchsTT Member

    Air Bag ECU. Part number: 8N8909601 Part # is correct and my book show it at $422 not sure what conversion rate is but that seems like a good price

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