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Ahhhhh my bonnet release won't work...

DJ-S3 May 19, 2013

  1. DJ-S3

    DJ-S3 Active Member

    Went to check my oil today as I do ever other weekend and when I pulled the bonnet release it pulled really easily, and I didn't hear the bonnet pop open. Not sure what I've done but now I can't open the bonnet.

    Anyone know how to get the bonnet open without the release mechanism? Or how much it might cost if I've snapped the wire?
  2. radhaz

    radhaz New Member

    I think you need to get the nose up in the air and use a long rod to flip the latch open. Likley your cable has come off.
  3. coreythorny

    coreythorny Active Member

    As above. Will be a absolute nightmare! I'd be tempted to just take it to a garage save the frustration.
  4. autolatry

    autolatry Active Member

    This happened to me recently, I'd taken the front end off as I'm doing work to it and I'd undone the cable from the wing so when the bonnet was shut I pulled the leaver it didn't tension.
    It was impossible to open from the inside / under the car. I tried for around 6 hours over a few days. As a last resort I had to ring the RAC. He wasn't happy when he opened it and saw my engine bay almost empty. He kept repeating that 'it wasn't a break down'. Lol. Nice guy though and gave me some free advice regarding changing the timing chains.

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