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AGU Boost question

Nick101 May 27, 2013

  1. Nick101

    Nick101 Boost fiend

    Hi folks, picked up another 1.8T sport today.

    Turbo back exhaust with sport cat
    Has an induction kit
    Dv (have suspisions it may be fake 007p)

    guy says it's not currently mapped to stage 2, on boost gauge it says it's boosting to 6-7 psi, does this seem right?

    car pulls pretty well, doesn't feel mapped though, I have got my old CC stage 2 ECU lined up to go on.

    is there any way of checking part number on turbo when in situ to confirm it is correct k03s?

    i do trust him, and have the old k03 in a box too, just want a second opinion on it.
  2. jay1601

    jay1601 Well-Known Member

    get under and check part number would be the only way, other then taking the TIP off and looking at the intake side for the number of fins

    6/7 PSI is standard map IIRC
  3. Nick101

    Nick101 Boost fiend

    Cheers mate, I'll try have a look under car at part number on turbo.

    he said it had been mapped, but if its only boosting that then I suspect maybe not. It would still be boosting the same even with ko3s, if its on standard map won't it.

    Would a boost leak give me a lower boost reading on the gauge?
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    part number on the blue tag will show, ko3S will be ko3-052 /053 / 058, you'll typically only see 052/3 though.

    Otherwise, whip the tip off and count the fins.

    standard map by the sounds of it, nice and ready for a st2 map as well!
  5. jim3971

    jim3971 New Member

    If it helps .... I have an AGU with a KO3S, Forge 007 and induction kit .... I get 8-9 PSI boost with standard exhaust and no map
  6. Nick101

    Nick101 Boost fiend

    Cheers guys. Had a little look at turbo, can't see part numbers on blue plaque but is had a silencer on the cold side of the turbo, only ko3s has that iirc?

    so 6psi sounds is about right for standard map? Will check for boost leaks before I fit ecu with stage 2 map. Changing oil pickup first as a precaution to make sure it's ready.

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