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Afternoon y'all

bigstring Jul 28, 2009

  1. bigstring

    bigstring Member

    Afternoon y'all
    Love me jap cars (turbo), but the lady in my life has banned me from any more, like me astra's so Went to see 3 2.2sri's in the past week, all a little ragged, one was nice but wanted far to mutch for it.... so went to see this little lady, great service history..... but no sign of a cam change?
    Still, had to part with my hard cash from the celica sale (none turbo), booking a holiday with the money left over and paying some bills....
    anyways...tis unreal how it picks up for 150bhp, quite impressed, corners quite well, only a little squel from the tires on the way back last night
    4 new dunlops, new pads and disks in feb, engine bay needed a little clean at 10pm last night.. the outside will be done tonight!
    anyway, photo's at 6.30am this morning.


    Any one it wiltshire that can advise on a cam belt change?

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