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Aftermarket sub to Symphony1 A3 HELP :)

ASD3 Nov 6, 2011

  1. ASD3

    ASD3 New Member

    Where do i begin :) I have an audi A3 2001, with standard non-bose symphony system. I have changed the speakers to have bit better quality as my old ones where going ( one of them was ripped :( )Now i want to change the sub couse i got 1000w Hertz one realy cheap dont want it to go to waste. Got the power cable going form the battery. Pretty much all done exept... The hardest bit ( for me ) i need to disconect the old sub and connect the new one.
    ]I know symphony dont have RCA so i got this Celsus ICE - car audio accessories Celsus Line converter I think that should do the trick. the only thing is i dont know what cables to tap into... I got 4 cables of the converter L+ L- R+ R- ?
    I have removed the original SUB speaker and there are 4 cables what are they? <br>What do i have to do to connect the new SUB and keep the OLD amp runing&nbsp; for the back speakers? If anyone have any pictures/diagrams/manuals on all of them back audio cables could you post them here?:? :)

    I need pro help :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    The symphony does have pre-outs so you can ditch the line converter.
    The pin outs are here:
    You really need a 4 channel amp but I guess you could tap the relevant wires and keep the OEM amp plugged in.
    Install guide for ading a sub is here:
    Cheers, Andy

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