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Aftermarket HU with Bose?

DJ_Troopa Sep 16, 2011

  1. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Who here has Bose in their S3? When you changed the unit for an aftermarket one, did it sound better or the same as the standard Audi HU?? I've got a concert stereo so not sure if it will make any difference?


  2. S3featesV9

    S3featesV9 Active Member

    I'd also like to no the answer to this...
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Ive got bose set up and now have an alpine DVD headunit,
    The sound in my opinion is stronger and better
  4. SunnyB

    SunnyB Member

    I don't have a bose system in my a3 but I'd assume it would sound better. With the wiring adapters you would still keep the standard sub/amp running and the speakers (rear) running through the amp so there won't be any loss of sound/power. Most decent head units give you more options to adjust the sound, ie more than just the normal equlisers would (jazz, rock, pop etc).

    Most new headunits will also be 4 x 50 watts minimum nowadays too. Whats the output on the standard stereo?? If power rating is the same then there probably would be much difference but again, you will still have more flexibility of how you want it to sound in your car.
  5. dannyh

    dannyh Nogaro S3

    this is what i was going to say, the OEM HU will have low power output so when you turn it up the quality reduces, a new HU will be 4x50wt so it will go louder and sound better,, this will highlight the fact that the speakers are naff but when both the OEM HU and an aftermark HU are compared at the same sound level the aftermarket one will sound much better
  6. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    I was happy enough with the sound of mine after fitting my Alpine HU... I have since fitted a lot more kit but tbh other than more volume and better bass from the Andy Mac sub I could have just got away with fitting the the AMSS and Alpine and been happy enough...

  7. Jgould

    Jgould MY ARS3!!!

    I took out my tv hi and put the standard hu back in but I also put a 12" alpine swell as the standard Bose set up the louder if gets the better it sounds!! IMHO the concert system with the extra sub sounds loads better than after Market hu. I used to run tv + 2X12" subs and infinity mids + tweeters in my cossie and the sound was not as good as the Audi but that could be the difference in the car build quality
  8. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Thanks people. Looking at a new HU soon so at least i know it will be better!

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