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Aftermarket HU A4 B7 Options

Joe_Murphy21187 Apr 28, 2012

  1. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Been searching the web for several weeks now and I wanted to ask if there's anyone who's fitted an aftermarket double-din headunit to their A4 (not RNS-E) and what they though of it?

    90% of people seems to say "Get the RNS-E!", but it's £650, it doesn't have bluetooth and all the extra connectivity you can get from an aftermarket unit (unless you spend £100's more on OEM additions), so I've ruled that out as an option.

    There are various generic double-din units out there but something which would LOOK a bit more OEM would be ideal. I have found a company called WITSON (from a post in another forum), and have found a direct replacement unit which they sell for the A4. Has all the functionality you could want: USB, iPod, BT, SatNav, TV, DVD, DivX, MP3, SCHD card, internet ready, RDS, MFSW compatibility, 6 disc virtual player, 7" HD touchscreen. Link: http://www.witson.com/en/displayproduct.html?proID=100522865

    The price for the unit is about £270 (after converting to £), there is also an optional Digital TV box which would take the total cost to £325. Not sure if TV (or DTV) is worth having in a car due to: Having to position an antenna somewhere visable & poor reception on the move. Didn't know if maybe as mine is a Cab if I could mount the ariels under the plastic cover at the top of the windscreen, or on the underside of the hood cover in the rear?

    Has anyone had any experience with Witson units, or this one specifically? What's the quality like? Anyone seen or have anything with similar functionality to compare this with??

    Thanks for you help guys!
  2. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    First off, you get what you pay for. Theres an abundance of cheap chinese double dins etc with 1001 features and functions. They generally arent well made, arent nice to use and navigate etc.

    As a new owner myself, it does seem a LOT of people on here have an obsession with OEM (no offence). There is no way id ever fit an RNS, but then ive always had a decent stereo setup, amps, etc. So i need 3 RCA preouts. I know RNS can have bluetooth etc, buts its way behind functionality of a decent aftermarket headunit.

    There are some nice double dins around, Pioneers App Radio will give you sat nav via your phones native nav (iphone / android), can have reverse cameras etc.
    Theres of course dvd players, units that have built in sat nav etc.

    There was nothing really that suited my wishlist, so i stuck with single din.
  3. ben.w93

    ben.w93 Member

    ^A single din is a good idea. I had an Alpine IDA-X100 with bluetooth in my A3. It was brilliant, it gives you i pod integration and bluetooth, but unfortunately not sat nav, it cost me £140 second hand, the red illumination matches the dash illumination really well. There are some nice double din units out there, but the majority of the don't look good. The only reason I did not fit it in my B7 was because the previous owner had retrofitted an RNS-E unit. The decent double din units with sat nav cost a similar amount of money as an RNS-E. I think you can pick them up from around £350 from specialist breakers (looked into retrofiltting one into an allroad). It cost me £120 to retofit bluetooth to my RNS-E, plus the cost of coding, or in my case I bought VCDS, so I can understand not wanting to got down the RNS-E route. I personally think they are a bit overrated and miss having ipod integration.

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