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Aftermarket headunit

gez Sep 27, 2013

  1. gez

    gez S3 hunter

    Hi all, im looking to replace my concert stereo in my 2002 s3. Just wondered if my std fitment amp and sub will still work as im unsure which wiring harness to use. Will it be a plug and play with just a eg. Sony headunit, loom from sony to audi and then all existing speakers and amp and sub work?
    thanks in advance. Gez
  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    yes you just need to buy the appropriate adaptor to make sure everything will work fine
    have a look at the autoleads catalogue it should be listed there what you need
  3. gez

    gez S3 hunter

    Thanks mate
  4. Royston80

    Royston80 New Member

    Hi Gez,

    I have just replaced the girlfriends TT's Bose amplified sub HU with a Pioneer double Din system. Pretty much Stevie Wonder could do it. As mentioned, you can buy the wiring kits that are literally plug and play... If you have steering controls you can get these to work with limited functionality too (example... "Track" and "volume" buttons work but "source" does not). Connects 2 is a brand of wiring looms/adapters I have used with no issues.

    As far as the sub amplification goes the wiring feeds it all through correctly and you merely have to connect the red and white screened wires in the correct holes in the rear of the new HU.

    Also (and apologies if I offend any purists out there) IMHO the new unit sounds so, so much better than the Audi unit.

    Happy wiring!

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