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Aftermarket Headunit Wiring Adapter

nohope17 Apr 1, 2014

  1. nohope17

    nohope17 Member


    Could somebody confirm this is the correct adapter I need for my 2004 B6 to fit an after market head unit. I currently have a single din non bose rear amped Concert HU.

    Buy PC9-401 Audi Active Harness with Antenna Adaptor connected, ready to use.

    Its also says

    NOTE: Vehicles which do not have an ignition switched feed will also require PC2-18-4

    I belive this is the case with the b6, Does that mean I'll need this as well

    Audi Volkswagen Harness adaptor online at Nexxia UK

    I'm going to be connecting a Pioneer avh-p3200bt

    Also will I also need some kind of Ariel adapter, as I notice the current unit has two ariel inputs where as the after market unit only has one?

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