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Aftermarket head units with BOSE system

a3james Apr 21, 2012

  1. a3james

    a3james Member

    Hi All

    ive got the Bose speakers in my a3 and wanted to know whether anyone has had any experience with aftermarket headunits running with the speakers ?

    what does it sound like quality wise ive been looking at some alpine head units and wanted to know if the quality will be the same or better ? or worse ?

  2. Dannykn9

    Dannykn9 "Cruise My Ride" VCDS Map User

    Hi mate, Ash (itwasntme187) has a pioneer unit with the Bose set up, and must say it sounds the dogs!! As it allows you to adjust settings much better than RNS-e and other Audi HU.

    Hopefully he will be along and can tell you more.

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