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Aftermarket head unit help

S3 Skot Sep 13, 2012

  1. S3 Skot

    S3 Skot New Member

    Hi All. I'm just about to buy a TV head unit for my 2001 S3. I've got my eye on one off EBay to fit an A4. Now I know I can make it physically fit with a bit trimming but what I want to know is how will I wire it up at the rear. It says it's plug and play for an A4 but will it plug straight into an S3? If not what connector do I need to buy? It's got symphony II and none Bose at the minute and here's a link to the head unit. Cheers for your help in advance. Skot. AUDI A4 / S4 6.5" GPS SAT NAV DVD TV MP3 SD USB *NEW* | eBay

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