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Aftermarket hands-free kit volume on Concert

StevoWarby Oct 6, 2009

  1. StevoWarby

    StevoWarby New Member


    I took delivery of a brand new Audi A3 Sportback Black Edition last week, and today a company came and fitted a hands-free kit for me.

    The handsfree kit is basically a cradle with bluetooth that also charges my Blackberry 8900 Curve. A microphone has been added to the car, and the cradle etc is wired in to the standard Concert head unit (with BOSE system). The blackberry then makes a bluetooth connection to the cradle.

    The problem I had when first making a call is the volume of the sound coming out of the car speakers. It is insane - it seems to be on pretty much full volume and I wouldn't be surprised if people 2 cars behind me can hear it!

    I cannot find any options on the head unit itself to adjust the volume of the phone whilst in a call - all I can do is minimise the volume on the blackberry phone itself to "0" where the volume coming out of the car speakers is just about bearable, but still too loud really.

    This has an annoying side effect in that every time I get out of the car I have to turn the volume up on the blackberry so if someone calls me I can hear them, and then remember to turn the phone volume back down when I get back in the car!

    This seems stupid - surely something can't be right here.....?

    Although the installer took all the packaging, manuals etc with him and the company I work for just ordered it, I'm pretty sure this is the system I have: http://www.thb-bury.co.uk/THB-Bury-...lk-System-8-Cradle-Now-available-p-16941.html

    Any help or pointers greatly appreciated...

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2009
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Depends how they've linked it into the Bose system. The problem is that the Bose system is fully amped, so none of the speakers run directly off the HU. Most handsfree kits are designed to link directly to the speakers and not integrate with an amplified system. Neither do they link through the HU apart from providing a basic mute facility. My guess is that they've taken their speaker output from the cradle and somehow managed to feed it directly into the Bose amp as there are no speaker connections behind the dash. This would result in a very distorted and loud result. You need to either get them back out to look at it and get them to put a hi-lo coverter in between to take their signal back down to line level and adjust it to get the volume right, or do it yourself. Personally I would simply disconnect the centre dash speaker as it's hideous for music (like a baby crying), and use that on its own for the phone as it's designed for speech anyway. If it's a company car and they paid to have it installed then get them back out to sort it and tell your firm not to pay the bill until it is. If you start messing with it they will then disown the problem.
  3. StevoWarby

    StevoWarby New Member

    Thanks AndyMac, much appreciated.

    After showing them the gist of your response, they were like "oh yes - we know all about this"..... They came back out and fixed it in about five minutes...

    Just a shame that IF they did know about it, why didn't they do it properly the first time?!!


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