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Aftermarket Filter and EML

Djwoody Jul 31, 2012

  1. Djwoody

    Djwoody Member

    I fitted a K&N panel filter to my 2.0 TDI a couple of months ago, Then, I read that the K&N can damage your MAF sensor.
    With this is mind, I decided to change the K&N for a Pipercross. After a few days my EML started flashing, which I presume is something to do with the new filter.
    I am now going to buy a new OEM filter and put it back to standard. Should my EML go off when this is fitted or does it sound like i've knacked my MAF sensor?
    Just after your thoughts before I get it vagcom'd.

  2. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    All aftermarket filters can cause the EML light to come on - it depends on how much oil is on the filter as this gets blown onto the MAF element. I've had a K&N on for 10k miles with no problems.

    Your EML light won't go away without cleaning your sensor (with Isopropyl Alcohol) and then resetting the error with VCDS.
  3. Djwoody

    Djwoody Member

    Thought that might be the case, I'll get it all cleaned when I put my OEM filter in.
    How do you remove the MAF?
    I took out the two screws connecting it to the hose and it makes it visible but I couldn't remove the grey fastener which looks like a jubilee clip at the top, it wouldn't budge.

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