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Aftermarket Diverter Valve - Is this one? Car Pic Inside!

Flubster Apr 14, 2013

  1. Flubster

    Flubster Tinkerer VCDS Map User


    Just had the engine cover off, because the car is running with almost no boost. No error codes listed in VCDS (Genuine cheers NHN) and looking at fuel trims looks like its got a air leak. Using a can of carb cleaner, i've found the leak, and part is ordered.

    This looks like an aftermarket recirc valve, can someone please confirm that is the recirc valve and before I order a genuine replacement (Not interested in a forge one - car is OEM and staying that way)

    Anything else look out of place?

    Picture 003.jpg

  2. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Has it got an outlet and an inlet? It is very easy for you to tell, because it will either have a side port which is open or slits around the outer case.

    It is impossible to tell from that picture. But it is most certainly aftermarket.

    Don't leave it OEM please; standard S3's are as enjoyable as an evening at Auschwitz.

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