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aftermarker ice installs to 8L A3

chris-a3 Jan 14, 2011

  1. chris-a3

    chris-a3 New Member

    hello all,

    im new to the audi scene after having my beloved Almera written off by a police car

    ive bought an a3 and turns out the drivers side speakers are goosed, so im after installing some aftermarket speakers into the door cards

    any do's or dont's? or could anyone point me in the right direction?

    any help is grateful

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Depends if you have Bose or not.
    Check the subwoofer in the passenger side cubbyhole in the boot. If it has 2 x 4" drivers then it's Bose, if it has a single 6.5" driver then it's non Bose.
    With non Bose the front components are driven off the HU, so you only have 2 x 20w going to a 4" driver with a 1" tweeter. You need MDF (or plastic) adapters to fit any aftermarket speakers. Most people then opt for 5.25" units, but they need to be slim (no deeper than 54mm) if you still want to use your front windows!
    Tweeters just slot in as long as they are 1" or less.
    If you have Bose then all speakers run off a separate Bose amp in the drivers side cubbyhole in the boot. The Bose speakers are also 4" but 2 ohm impedance so choice is limited.You can use 4ohm speakers but you'll only get half the power from the Bose amp.
  3. chris-a3

    chris-a3 New Member

    thanks for that info, i have looked in the passenger side cubby hole and it seems it is just one 6.5" sub, and there is nothing in the drivers side (as far as im aware, nothing jumped out at me)

    so that should be easy enough to install my aftermarket speakers to the doors.

    if i am planning to install my own sub/amp in the boot, is it easy enough to take out the 6.5" sub thats already there?


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