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After market window tinting

funkycat May 6, 2009

  1. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Anyone got any recommendations on this, already getting ear ache from kids about no window blinds in the new car, so thought an aftermarker window tint might be the way to go.

    So after any recommendations/solutions/suppliers of good quality product. Aware its either professionally applied film to glass (want gud job, no bubbling or peeling!) or are there chemical glass treatments out there?
  2. Alz

    Alz Member

    hiya m8, im not sure about companies around your area but down in somerset ther's a couple of guddens, but in past experience after a year or 2 the tints starts to look a bit tatty, little marks just start appearing inside and if u got kids i'd look at going down the route of getting them spray tinted.

    here's my fiesta which has been done 4 years and not lookin to bad...

  3. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    I'm after doing this in the Reading area, any recommendations out there, and what kind of cost am i looking at?
  4. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    I use a guy in Amersham. He will do my A6 Avant with different tints for an all in price of £295.00 he i s well known, and does take his time, he used to do all the F1 Trailers. PM me if you want his details

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