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After market warranties - MOTOREASY

alibob Jul 13, 2004

  1. alibob

    alibob Liskeard Classic Cars

    Hello All
    Have a look at this if you own a car over 2/3 years old. Looks too good to be true but came highly reccommended via the Daily Express motoring page.
  2. imported_dlyall

    imported_dlyall Guest

    www.warrantydirect.co.uk are MUCH cheaper for warranties. Not sure if the whole package is good value or not. Depends on your mileage and driving style I guess.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    They are too good to be true.
    Read the small print, there are some real horror stories on these types of deals.
    One company (now in receivership) covered any problem as long as it wasn't associated with heat. So basically nothing.
    A guy I know had his cam belt go at 68k on a GTi and his car was off the road for 9 months while he had to take the warranty company to court.
    Lets face it, unlike accident insurance, which relies on most people not claiming, warranty claims on a 4 year old car are going to be made by pretty much everyone unless they do microscopic mileage. Any job done by Audi is going to be £150 minimum, so the figures just don't add up, i.e. they can't afford to honour most of the claims.
    Do you really want the hassle of an insurance claim everytime some little job needs doing?
  4. monty77

    monty77 Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    So has anyone actually had any dealings with Warranty Direct? Just got an online quite which seems reasonable BUT how does it compare to Audi's own warranty programme?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I've used WD on previous cars and to be fair they're pretty good. But it will take time to get the claim through and repair done where as with Audi you just book it in and it's fixed just like a normal job - without the bill.

  5. imported_gekko

    imported_gekko Guest


    Just checked out your website.

    Lovely motor, superb speck. Where did you get the mad alloy tax disc holder?

    Also, any tips on making my A4- 3.0Q badder? (I'm getting the body kit & changing to RS-4 18's)

    & thanks for info re: warranty
  6. I'd really like to believe Motoreasy but as AndyMac says, it all seem to good to be true. www.yescarcredit.net have a fancy website and have been trading for some years but they've been featured on Watchdog several times yet people still use them.

    I spent the best part of £1400 last year on my car and 90% of that would be covered with Motoreasy. At that rate they'd be outta business in months.

    Any web site compnay that features a man/woman in stupid clothes advertising their product should be avoided!!!
  7. imported_gekko

    imported_gekko Guest


    Contacted Audi main dealer- they've been stopped selling any warranties until they've received the all-clear from government investigators!! Instead they advised me to contact "Car Care Plan" which I did... and they don't sell straight to the public!
  8. Talk about a coincidence!

    www.yescarcredit.net have just been on BBC Watchdog this evening.

    Tomorrow there is going to be an undercover documentry on Yesc ar credit at 9pm on either BBC1 or 2.
  9. jimtaylor678

    jimtaylor678 New Member

    I read on the forum about a company Audi Warranties dort com, for coverage on my A4 and I got a great rate and the perfect coverage that fit my budget. If you want coverage for your Audi, give them a call.
  10. edowen

    edowen Member

    I've tried Warranty Works, and Warranty DIrect and they both sucked.

    Excuses for not paying inlcuded:

    1. We wont pay for that as we believe it was probably a pre-exisiting condtion.
    Unless they inspect the car when the warranty starts, they can never prove this, but likewise you can never prove it wasnt.
    2. It isnt a complete failure, it is intrmitent.
    Just above covers most electrical and complex failures I have ever seen!

    THe list goes on. They are insurance companies - what they charge is an average based on payouts - and they make a profit. You just have to decide if you want to risk being on the wrong side of that average and stick some money in a savings account?

    I personallly wouldnt bother with one unless it was a manufacturer extension etc.
  11. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    I had a WD policy on our Bora. They did pay out £900 for a replacement aircon compressor but wouldn't cover a failed door lock or MAF. However I was still quids in at the end of the day.

    BTW, the compressor failed a month after taking out the warranty.

    However, I think WD have changed a bit since I last used them so I've decided to stick an extra grand in my ISA where it will earn interest and be available if I need it for unexpected repairs.

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