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after less than a year im leaving audis

M7R Jun 19, 2009

  1. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,

    It is with sad regret that I am leaving the Audi world after less than a year.... which means my speced up estate will be for sale in the next week or so.

    I had planned to run the estate for a good 100K or so.. but things have chnaged and in a moment of madness / pure genius (not sure which yet) I have convinced my self that its a wise idea to sell both the Audi and the mk1 golf and put me name down for a rocco R20!

    keep an eye on the for sale section as I will get the add up in the next week or so...some one should get a bargain!
  2. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Well, I realy do like my A4 (B6) and was setting myself up to get a B7 or maybe even an RS4 next, but I really miss the grin factor of my old BMWs. So, sticking with my B6 for the next 2 years (and once kids are a bit older) and then going for either an M3 convertible or 330 Sport Convertible.....the wife will have the family hack then.......hehehe
  3. robtaylors

    robtaylors Member

    I miss my m3 wish i had kept it ! cant go wrong with buying one i guarantee it !!
  4. rog 190 quattro

    rog 190 quattro rog190quattro

    Rocco R20 what a car ,who would blame you mate fantastic car and its still vag after all.I had a look around a rocco at the stealers when my old man bought his passat they feel so sporty inside but the seats felt brilliant.They had another great car there a Passat r 36 it looked and sounded fantastic but a bit expensive probably why I have'nt seen one on the road yet.Hope you enjoy the R20 mate don't forget to post some pictures.

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