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After Having My Cluster replaced on my Audi A4 2.0tfsi (2009),car won't start? Help

Rajdaman69 Mar 16, 2013

  1. Rajdaman69

    Rajdaman69 New Member

    I wonder If there is anyone out there who can help me?
    I had my cluster replaced on monday 11th march, and it was all working fine as they programmed it in. On tuesday 12th I went to a person who corrects the mileage( as mine had to be set to the previous cluster ). He had to take the cluster out to do this as his tool failed to adjust the mileage through the obd II connection. When he fitted it in it showed the new amended mileage. As he stuck the key fob in the cluster lights, and dials did not respond. The car refuses to respond! the central locking still operates, and you can hear the relays activating when you stick the fob in, but that's it :(
    I am in desperate need of help is anyone out there? that knows how to sort this? or any checks i need to make? I can't even tow it anywhere as the electronic handbrake has locked my wheels.

    Please Help as I really don't want to pay audi to fix this issue??

  2. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    First off as he's cocked your car up I wouldn't expect to pay anything yourself and get him to pay to sort it...!
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  3. hollow

    hollow Well-Known Member

    when you had your cluster changed was this a second hand cluster ? if it was a new cluster then audi would have programmed the correct mileage .
    the first person who changed the cluster should have bee able to correct the mileage for you they obviously had the correct tool to extract the pin code from the cluster and the knowledge to adapt them to the ecu.

    you need to get the original dump from the guy from your clocks so i can have a look at it . he's either wrote a corrupt file or not corrected the checksumm . either way your car doesnt start.
    the only other alternative is to get me the cluster make ,model and year and see if i can source you a virgin dump .
    this will allow you to have it adapted to the car and the correct mileage set.
    also the long coding will need doing , dont suppose you have a log file from a vcds reading ?

    after a 2nd reading of your post , the 1st person who changed the cluster should have the original dump from your clocks ,as it looks like they just cloned them . (maybe swapped eeprom but i doubt it )

    you dont explain why you had to have them swapped in the first place
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  4. Rajdaman69

    Rajdaman69 New Member

    Hi, thanks for your response- sounds quite complicated, but I will try to get you the information ?
    The reason why the cluster was replaced was because this car had been involved in fire damage, and the original cluster was slightly damaged, and some of the led's didn't work?
    I picked up the replacement cluster from eBay, however it worked fine when it was installed, it just messed up when the other guy attempted to correct the mileage.

    Kind Regards

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