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AFN-Quattro injectors 0.216, Chip?

APU Sep 13, 2012

  1. APU

    APU New Member

    Hey all

    I have A4 AFN-Quattro 1998 Avant and thinking about some upgrades as it feels a bit slow :D

    As far as i can tell I need two things to start

    1- 0.216 injector nozzles ebay item - 320969011817
    2- software upgrade to give more boost

    Im not looking for huge gains (+50 bhp tops) so stock turbo/clutch should be ok?
    Can i change the injector nozzles myself or do i need to calibrate them after nozzle placement?
    Also I’ve been looking for some chips around and I know I will need to solder a new chip or send the ECU way. Can anyone suggest best value for money chip? I found couple in Germany for €150 but not sure how tricky is solder it in.

    im not a mechanic but I like doing things myself :D i've done clutch/flywheel/timing belt/ABS sensors etc etc
    Any help is much appreciated :salute:
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    If you only want 50Bhp or so then the stock turbo won't live too long. 0.216 nozzles are not cheap- expect 200-300 quid for a good set with new, genuine nozzles pop balanced ready to go. For your power goal i suggest you look for a GT1749VA turbo (of the pd 130 engine), a socketed ECU, EGR delete and PD130 inlet manifold and boost pipe (from intercooler to intake).
    Remaps are supposed to give up to 154 Bhp but i never seen one that delivered that on stock hardware !

    Stage 1: 0.216 nozzles, chips,stock turbo 140 Bhp.

    Stage 2: 0.216, GT1749Va, chips, stock intake 155 Bhp.

    Stage 3: 0.216, GT1749VA, chips, PD130 intake and boost pipe, Allard EGR delete 160-170Bhp.

    Stage 4: Bosio Race 520 nozzles, chips, pd intake + boost pipes, Allard EGR delete, GT1749 VA turbo, uprated clutch, 180-185 Bhp.

    Stage 5: Bosio Race 520 nozzles, chips, pd intake + boost pipes,EGR delete, BV43 turbo, uprated clutch, 11mm pump head, PD 150 Head bolts, FMIC 200-210 Bhp.

    Stage 6: Race 520/HFLO nozzles, chips , pd breathing, BV43, single mass conversion clutch/ AWX DMF + Sachs SRE , full 11mm pump, PD150 head bolts, forged rods, ported head, FMIC up to 250Bhp !

    After that you will have trouble keeping the head from lifting and you will need a larger turbo: GTB1756Vk, GTB2056Vk or GTB2260VK, PD 2.0 Tdi pistons with modified oil cooling jets, lowered CR, 12-13mm pump head, PD lift pump, large bore exhaust, decat, ported head with larger valves, EGT gauge, FMIC, etc.

    Basically the first 50 Bhp will cost you £500 and the next 50 Bhp will cost £5000 !
  3. APU

    APU New Member

    Thanks mate I appreciate your help with this

    I've seen 0.216 nozzles on ebay for 79 pounds but i take it they are **** :D ok will need to look for the originals from A6 C4 140bhp

    I dont want to change the turbo (not yet anyways) as i had it checked and cleaned last months so will replace injectors/manifold and new chip. if i get 140-150 bhp that would be ok :D :blackrs4:

    Can someone suggest a supplier for the new chip (in Scotland) ??

  4. mihogal12

    mihogal12 New Member

    Bought a set of 0.216 nozzles off ebay and ive been running them for 8 months now with no issues.
    I did make sure to get the bosch ones though, as Audi use them from new.
    Im running a stock turbo on mine still. Made sure to give it a good Mr muscle clean first tho.
    Havent gotten around to changing the chip/ a remap yet although im looking down the remap route.
    I have my Egr blanked off also.
    You will notice a power difference with the nozzles.
    My car does not smoke under acceleration but my engine is very clean/economical.
  5. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Surely if your going to change the turbo it makes sense just to go streight to the BV43 rather than a PD130 unit? At least then you've got some headroom if you decide to go bigger on the other bits later.
  6. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it makes sense Kev but BV43 are not that easy to find and there's not many that rebuild them especially as nearly every one i've seen used from Germany had massive play in the bearings. I ended up buying one new for a little over 500 quid !

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