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afb v ake whats the difference in engine apart from power

zorgman Oct 19, 2009

  1. zorgman

    zorgman New Member

    hi all
    well got heads off tho find that as well as cams it needs new head and piston. here's what i need to know.
    i can get a complete AFB engine so will it fit my 2.5 tdi quatro AKE 180hp car, i think to go from 150 to 180 its the turbo and injectors.
    or i can rebuild my engine so is the pistons the same for the 150 and 180 also are the pistons different from left bank to right bank as i only need 1 its looking at car middle piston right bank.

    I'm in a total quandry here i cant sell car the way it is so ive got £1100 to repair car or £1050 to change complete engine whats the best way to go need help urgent got 24hrs to decide

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