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AFB rebuild or AKE swap on A6 Avant 2.5tdi Quattro - year 2000 140k

JohnG60 Feb 28, 2012

  1. JohnG60

    JohnG60 New Member

    Would like some advice on the above

    I've had this car for nine years now and it's part of the family - considered replacing it with a C6 avant 3.0tdi but prefer to wait for the new 3.0tdi BiTurbo.

    The engine is showing it's age and just doesn't have the oomph anymore. it's always been serviced on time. My AFB only puts out 150bhp new so after a re map it's only going to get towards 170 - whereas the AKE with a hybrid turbo and map I'm assuming should be good for over 230 BHP. Whichever route I go I would want the base engine back to a decent condition so some form of rebuild is going to be needed.

    If I can get hold of an AKE engine is it realistic of me to think I can get a good rebuild (lower bearings, rings, camshafts, seals etc for around the £6k mark. ( not including fuel system and turbo)

    Is the aircon compressor on the AFB interchangeable with the AKE ? mine needs replacing and I'll get that done on the next service by VagTech but I don't want to put a new one on an engine I might change in a couple of months. Same question on the gearbox - will an AKE mate to my tiptronic quattro box.

    Any and all views most welcome
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  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    I would not spend that much on an engine, 1000 tops for a decent condition lump is ok. The bottom end is very strong and does not require strenghtening unless you go past 300Bhp which is a mighty feat as there's not many aftermarket parts. I would start by porting the heads, replace the rocker arms/lifters and cams for the later forged Kolbenshmidth jobbies and lap the valves in + replace the valve stem seals. Get a set of Bosio power plus 683 nozzles and you'll have enough grunt for 240Bhp with a good hybrid turbo.
    If you're interested i could build you a bullet proof AKE engine with ported heads and new top end for less than half what you quoted which will leave you with plenty change to get a Turbo Dynamics hybrid turbo and Bosio nozzles + a custom remap so you can reach them high numbers !
    I am pretty sure that you'll be keeping the old 2.5 tdi engine for years to come when you realise their tuning potential !
  3. JohnG60

    JohnG60 New Member

    Hi Chris

    Thanks - I was hoping you would reply on this one :). That solution sounds good to me. I'm not going to be in a position to proceed with anything for the next 4-5 weeks (my father just passed away) but towards the end of March if I could meet up with you and talk it through that would be great.

    you manually re timed the fuel pump on this car for me about year ago -was very happy with it.


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