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aerials revisited

installer69 Feb 7, 2006

  1. installer69

    installer69 Member

    I think we've been here before bot never got the answer I wanted.

    My RS6 avant has a long screw in aerial. I want a shark-fin type that some of the saloons seem to have.

    I took the aerial off to wash the car and forgot to put it back on.

    The TV works as does the radio so what does the screw in bit do?

    I'm sure the tv aerials are in the 'a' and rear pillars. The radio aerial/s is possibly in the windows.

    Thge gps for the sat nav is in the base of the aerial.

    Is there a phone aerial? Where is it? Is it the screw in bit? If I get a sharkfin will it do what it needs to?

    Does anyone at the Windsor meet have an RS6 with a sharkfin aerial?

    Shall I bring a tin opener?

    Shall I just not screw the 'whip' back in - replace it with a screw and use papier mache to fashion a sharkfin aerial which I can paint black?

    It's only an RS6; I go to the dump with it and I've carried 6x6 fence panels on the roof bars!
  2. Jukesy

    Jukesy New Member

    If the same as my S6, the nav and radio is in the disk on the boot, the TV in the boot lid/ pillar, the aerial that screws in for phone only. I replced mine with a bolt and blactic cap.
  3. marmite

    marmite Counting the Tesco Club points

    Aerial that screws in can't be for Telephone as I haven't got Phone prep in my wifes allroad.
    The system runs diff aerials and the screw in aerila is the primary FM one. the system is constantly looking for the best signal; that is why the radio dips for a second sometimes. The base of the aerial only recieves GPS data.

    There are aerials in the rear windows(saloon) and both rear side windows on avants. hope this info helps

    I pick up my RS6 tom morning and can't wait, saloon with shark fin aerial


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