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Aerial Help Required!

magnus911 Jul 12, 2008

  1. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    Hey Guys...

    Another problem has arisen! Just got my car back yesterday from having a new tailgate and bumper...and they also had to change the rear screen for some reason.

    Now, I don't seem to be able to pick up any radio stations or get TMC on Nav...I'm guessing that the diversity antenna is on the rear screen and they've broken it?

    Anything I should look out for or could it be an easy fix?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    could just be something simple as a disconnected cable somewhere around the boot area . No idea where you'd start looking though.
  3. Merlyn

    Merlyn Member

    I had to have a new amplifier fitted to mine ,same sort of symptons,but as yours has recently been removed .probably a loose/disconnected wire.
  4. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    Ok well I've had a look and there's nothing obviously wrong. Can anyone confirm that the antenna does actually go via the rear screen and not the front? Is it stuck onto the rear screen and have to be moved over when replacing said screen?

    I thought it was on the front for some reason but I haven't had that screen replaced...

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks guys for your efforts so far, I know it's the weekend!
  5. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    Ok so by searching for a while I've managed to find out something i didn't know before - that the heated rear screen doubles as the antenna for the radio; so that must be what isn't connected properly.

    Anyone know where that actually plugs in? I'm just going to go and test to see if the heated screen actually works!
  6. Jay.Ing

    Jay.Ing Active Member Team Ibis Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    on the boot lid behind the lower trim is a swithching unit (on the left as you look at the rear of the car) This has some connections you need to check: 3 and 4 are your areriels to your HU, number 10 is the connection to the actual aerial in the window, i take it your remote centar locking is working?

    Connectors on left aerial module -R108- (5-door models and, from MY 05 onwards, 3-door models)[​IMG]

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