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Aerial Amplifier/Booster Location - Saloon

banditpc1962 Sep 26, 2013

  1. banditpc1962

    banditpc1962 New Member

    Re: 2007 A6 Tdi 2.0 S Line

    My radio reception is awful and I think it's down to the aerial booster/amplifier. There's plenty of evidence about that these crack and die.

    Wonder if someone might be kind enough to help out a newbie? The Radio Aerial Amplifier/Booster?? Is it under the boot lid? Assuming it is, how do I get the boot liner off? Is it just a matter of taking my time and pulling at it i.e. there's no screws or bolts to deal with? I read somewhere that there are a number of bolts under the emergency triangle holder, but I don't see any.

    In anticipation, my thanks.

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