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advise on connection issue ipod dock in glove to rns-e/concert II+

deek19790 Oct 29, 2012

  1. deek19790

    deek19790 Member


    i recently upgrade my concert II+ to a rns-e and everything worked fine including ipod and steering-wheel controls exception the aux-in as i needed to use a adaptor for this so i brought this morning

    i used the keys to remove the rns-e and unpluged the gps, anatana and main connector, after this i figured out which pins i need to disconnect for the aux-in from the main connector and realised that i needed to extend the cables as this not long enough so i connected the single one i had removed back again.

    after i connected back i tested the stereo and it worked fine along with steering-wheel controls, but could not find the ipod bit under media when i pod connected, the ipod displayed accessory connected but nothing on the rns-e.

    i therefore decided to check connect my old concert II+ which i knew 100% worked with ipod as i used this for last 3 weeks, when i connected this back i had same thing displayed on ipod - accessory connected and when i selected cd in the concert i could not select the cd-charger bit as it would show the ipod, i also noticed the ipod screen would change from accessory connected to normal and a few times while i was trying to figure out whats wrong.

    i need abit of advise on where on the connection block the ipod accessory connects to so i can ensure it is connected properly, i have uploaded a picture of the wiring diagram of concert II+

    any advise would be great.


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