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Advise on - Concert 2 to Concert 2+ (double Din) Upgrade

a5hl3y2k6 Mar 30, 2011

  1. a5hl3y2k6

    a5hl3y2k6 Member

    Hi all i have a 04 A3 with single din concert 2.

    I am looking to upgrade to a concert 2+ Double din, for a number or reasons but the info im finding is confusing and conflicting. can someone confirm exactly what is required.

    As far as im aware, i need a double din cage? climate control switches and the hazards/switches the concert 2+ and a wiring adaper?

    is there any guides arround, i have found one for the rns-e but doesnt go into much detail about the actuall double din conversion, please advise as i would like to do this at the weekend, if i can get the parts quick enough.


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