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Advice: Thinking of buying 2004 53 Audi sport DSG 2.0TDI 140bhp

donovan2123 Dec 16, 2011

  1. donovan2123

    donovan2123 Member VCDS Map User

    Ok as above is there anything I should out for?
    I will be taking my vcds to run a scan and few tests and logs.

    Can the s-line front bumper or s3 bumper be easily fitted? Also genuine xenons, and rear lights?

    Another thing car has flappy paddles but no steering controls. Can they be fitted as I read somewhere they can be withoutbreplacing the whole wheel.

    Just want it make it a bit more updated so any help or info would be great
  2. donovan2123

    donovan2123 Member VCDS Map User

    Anyone? Might be going to see it 2moro
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Fella, 1st welcome to the site, hope you have a deep pocket lol, but 2nd, its your 2nd post & it was an hour after your 1st, forums are not like a dealership mate, people will post when they can & if they can help, remember its friday night & its xmas, have some patients are people will chirp up with some advice :)

    As its a 53 its the double grill front, so you'd need new bonnet for single grill bumper to fit.

    What exactly is your question about xenons & rear lights, its not actually asking anything.

    If you want mfsw then its a new wheel, as the older version is just plain ****, plus airbag systems changed to dual stage from single stage, so thats more involved.

    I do conversions & technology installs on these cars if the need ever arises.

    Oil leaks, coolant leaks, check for any mustard in the oil cap & check coolant colour, oil level, check pulling away isnt jumpy & delayed as this could be mechatronic on way out, check for turbo whine & I mean loudly, not the normal turbo whine, plus all the normal stuff like brakes, tyres, wheels, locks, mileage, lights etc.

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